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Select, Set, Host!

Welcome to the city’s first luxury DIY Rental Tablescape Kit service.

At MY Tablescape we’ll always give you a reason to host a chic event with very minimal effort!

Tablescape [tey-buhl-skeyp] 

Noun - A table dressed up in an artistic way for a special occasion. Similar to you being dressed up for a night out ;)

Below Is A Tablescape Example

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About MY TableScape

MY TableScape is a rental service that supplies luxury DIY themed table setting kits delivered to your doorstep. It is designed to give you a modern twist on hosting; we want it to be chic, effortless and fun, because in this day and age, everyone deserves it. Who said the host can’t enjoy the night as much as the guests? We want you to leave the theme, preparation and cleanup to us, just focus on taking in your compliments.

With MY TableScape all you need to do is click on your desired photo of our curated tablescapes, and explore the details of your delivery, what’s MY is YOURS after all! With a click of a button and a ring on the doorbell, you will receive your table setting items sanitized and ready to be set up for your special occasion. Set up directions are straight to the point with clear instructions on how to unpack, construct and then pack up again. Voila, you’ll be back on the couch in no time.

Welcome!: How It Works

Why Rent A Kit?

o   Do you want to entertain effortlessly?

o   Or set up in just minutes?

o   Do you want to elevate your special occasion?

o   Don't have enough time to curate a tablescape?

o   Worried about the logistics?

o   Don’t want to buy decorative items at full price?

o   Not enough storage space at home?

o   Or just don’t have the time to wash the dishes?

No worries MY TableScape has got it all covered for you!

Tis' The Silver.jpeg
Welcome!: How It Works

How MY TableScape Became Yours

We, as MY Event Design, have been in the event design and planning industry for the past 12 years. And through those years, we have played an integral role in making our clients’ dreams come true and plans come to life. So once Covid-19 hit the world as a whole, we realized that, even though, big and elaborate productions are on hold for now, we have not lost the essence of celebration. We will always have a reason to celebrate in life. Whether it's a small intimate dinner, a holiday party, a special occasion or a mid-week get together, we still want to be right there with you to help you through it.

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